Thursday, July 14, 2005

Border Issues

I firmly believe that illegal immigration is the biggest problem facing our country today, bigger even than terrorism because of it's long term implications and threats. I am with O'Reilly on this one, the National Guard should be stationed on the border. Our local police should be arresting and deporting illegal aliens.

Now comes word that Mexico refuses to make improvements to border security unless we make concessions on illegal immigration. OK, you want to play hardball? Let's seal the border and start the deportations.

Many people make the claim that the only way to deal with illegal immigration is to help Mexico improve their economy. Mexico is not interested in improving their economy, and won't do so. Mexico is run by an elite ruling class that controls all of the political and economic power. This elite class is made up of wealthy families that have always controlled Mexico. They are doing fine in the current economic system and have no interest in creating rivals. They don't have to worry about revolution, because they send their poor across the border to the US. Plus they get the added bonus of the billions of dollars sent back to Mexico to help prop up the economy. If we ever want to change Mexico, we have to send the poor back, and let them suffer until they get pissed off enough to get rid of their ruling elite.

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