Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Does anybody think this strip is funny anymore? My politics have always been approximately 180 degrees from Trudeau, but I used to read his strips because they were at least funny. But they aren't funny anymore. Trudeau has fallen into the same rabbit hole that Al Franken did. They have become strident, politicized and hysterical. They simply can't believe that their guys keep losing, and the frustration just fuels their hate. What I find hard to believe is that some smart liberal, or hell even moderate, Democrat hasn't gone up to Trudeau, Franken and Moore and told them to just shut the hell up, they aren't helping anybody. Does anybody believe that any of those three are attracting new converts and winning votes for the Democrats? And by the way, where is the conservative strip to balance out Doonesbury on the comics page? Day by Day by Chris Muir would be a good start.

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