Saturday, July 30, 2005

Questionable content?

My entry for 100 Words or Les Nessman was denied because of questionable content. I will post my original entry below, and then the changes I made to make it "safer". It was still denied. Perhaps someone could tell me what is so questionable about the entry? The prompt was the word "chef".

Damn. "Bonding night". That meant no poker or baseball for me. Instead I'd have to watch something she would enjoy also. At least it meant I'd get some sex out of it. We started flipping through the channels, but couldn't agree on anything. Finally we came to the Food channel. "Let's try this," she said. The commercial ended, and Iron Chef America began. OK, I could deal with this, at least it was competitive. "Tonight on Iron Chef the secret ingredient is...... eyeballs!" She ran from the room retching. Thanks Fear Factor, for ruining TV and my love life.

I removed the word "Damn" from the front of the post, and replaced "sex" with "bedroom action" and it was still rejected.

OK. It turns out "poker" is the hang up. I put "damn" back up front, took out "bedroom" and changed "poker or" to "Friday Night" and the story posted.


Laurence said...

It's the word POKER.

Anonymous said...

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