Sunday, July 17, 2005


We have two superb athletes dominating their respective sports today, both serving as symbols of America's greatness.

We have Lance Armstrong dominating the Tour de France for the seventh time in a row. No one else in the history of bicycling has dominated this premier event so well for so long. When you reflect that it comes after his diagnosis with testicular cancer that spread to his brain and lungs, it just becomes all the more special. Lance symbolizes the grit and pluck of America, the unwillingness to give up, the comeback against seemingly insurmountable odds.

We also have Tiger Woods. The multi-racial (but predominantly black) golfer dominating a sport that has always been a rich, white man's sport. He is a symbol of the fact that in America it is what you do, not who you are that is important. He also is a symbol of the melting pot (I hate the salad bowl analogy) of America.

Best of all, the two of them are doing what they do in Europe today, Lance in France and Tiger in the United Kingdom. They are among the best advertisements we have for America.


sfletcher99 said...

We also have Tiger Woods. The multi-racial (but predominantly black)...

Actually, he is only 1/4 black(and that's only if you presume Earl Woods' black ancestry is "100% pure"- highly unlikely.)

I left a link under "Your webpage"...

That was his boyhood shorthand
for the fact that he is one-eighth Caucasian, one-quarter black, one-eighth
American Indian, and one-half East Asian (a quarter Thai and a quarter Chinese).

Gahrie said...

1) According to your percentages, he is as much black as he is anything else.

2) Because of America's sordid history with race, if you have any black blood, the vast majority of people consider you black.