Friday, July 01, 2005


Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has announced she is retiring!!! Finally!! She was one of the many Republican disappointments on the Supreme Court.

By all accounts she was a great person, and a superb lawyer. However as a Justice, she sucked. She was inconsistent to say the least. She had the unfortunate habit of believing that she knew what the Constitution said better than the men who actually wrote the document. I won't be sorry to see her go.

Republicans have had awful luck in appointing Supreme Court Justices. ( See Souter and Kennedy on the current Court.) So many of them get on the Court and turn into liberal activists. Pres. Bush needs to name a true Conservative and originalist in the tradition of Scalia and Thomas. If the Democrats kill the nomination, he needs to keep naming them until one gets on. I personally oppose Alberto Gonzales. If he wasn't so old, I would re-nominate Judge Bork myself.

Man, this could be an ugly summer, especially if Justice Rehnquist also steps down, and Justice Stevens in 85, he could die or retire at any time. (although I'm sure Stevens is going to try and last until the next election to try and give a Democrat a chance to replace him.) If Rehnquist steps down, he'll add two confirmation fights, one to replace him as Chief Justice ( I predict Justice Thomas) and one to replace him on the Court.

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