Friday, July 08, 2005

Bad luck charm

Well my streak of being a bad luck charm continued last night. The last ten Major League baseball games I have attended has seen the team I was rooting for lose. It's getting so bad, the Dodgers are considering paying me not to attend their games.

I went to an Angels game last night. The Angels are leading their division, had their 11 game winner ace pitching, at home where they have one of the best home game records in baseball; against the bottom dwelling Mariners, with a pitcher who has an ERA of 5.44 and an awful road record.

So of course the Angels lose 10-2.

I will say this though, the money spent renovating Anaheim stadium was well spent. The ballpark was clean, the staff pleasant and helpful, and the field was beautiful. Access on and off the freeway was relatively smooth. There were screens everywhere, and lots of activities to make it fun and exciting for families. I was very impressed.

The last time I had been to an Angels game it was still a dual baseball/football stadium. The expererience compared badly to a Dodger game. After last night, I have to say the Dodgers have serious competition for best ballpark in SoCal now. I still don't think they should tear down Dodger stadium and build a new park, but they can't sit back and rest on their laurels anymore.

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