Tuesday, July 12, 2005


My name is Gary Kirby, but I have chosen the nom-de-plume of Gahrie. Some people have asked me why.

Three years ago I did a google search on my name and the first reference to me was on the first page. There were several other Gary Kirby's out there.

Earlier this year I did a second google search. I looked through 60 pages and there was not one reference to me. Bummer. When I do a google search of my nom-de-plume, all the references are to me, except for one hit in Korean. (I presume, that one might be about me also)

Now I was under the impression that the name Gary Kirby was not all that common. The only other one I knew was my father. I was wrong. There are tons of Gary Kirbys out there, including an Irish Rugby player, a university student government president, a writer and a chemical engineer. I believe I'm not even the only Gary Kirby who is a teacher.

Gahrie is my last plea for individualism.

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