Sunday, September 11, 2005

Terrible Terrel

I just saw an interview of Terrel Owens by Michael Irvin. Now let me say right off the bat that I have always disliked Owens. I've always considered him a prima donna who plays for himself and not the team. He's a hotdog. He's a cry baby. This interview just confirmed things for me. You know why Terrel is so pissed at the Eagles? Because last year in their playoff run, they insisted that they could win without Owens, and had won without Owens the three years previous. This hurt poor little Terrel's feelings.... See what I a mean about crybaby? He was a prima donna receiver, on the team for the first year and the team was focused on trying to win a Superbowl. They had to tell themselves and everyone else that they could win without Terrel, and they had to believe it also. But Terrel is so self absorbed that he can't realize this, it has to be all about him. He symbolizes all that has gone wrong with the NFL.

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Anonymous said...

hell i have 2 dvr.s you could of asked me to record it....