Friday, September 02, 2005

Mayor of New Orleans

I just heard the mayor of New Orleans doing a radio interview on CNN. He was ranting and raving and using profanity. He seemed to be blaming Pres. Bush and the Louisana Governor for the chaos in New Orleans. He was saying he didn't want to see anymore press conferences until the streets of New Orleans were full of soldiers. Well I have a couple of questions for the mayor. Just where in the hell are your police? From all accounts, probably watching the newest movies on their new DVD players and wide screen TVs rescued from the flood area. The noteriously corrupt N.O. police department has completely failed to maintain order, and there are eyewitnesss accounts of them participating in the looting. Mr. Mayor, things wouldn't be so chaotic in New Orleans if you had done your job correctly.

By all accounts La. Governor Blanco has completely failed the test of this crisis also. The people of New Orleans and Louisana have been poorly served by their elected leaders.

UPDATE: Now Fox is reporting that New Orleans police officers are refusing to patrol the streets and are instead turning in their badges. I guess all the best stores have already been looted. They can't even keep order in the Superdome. There are reports of multiple rapes and the Superdome......... after they searched the people going in! They can't even control the damned Superdome!

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