Sunday, September 04, 2005

Have you no Decency pt 2

On the Chris Matthews show just now, they actually tried to blame President Bush for pork barrel politics! They also brought up the highway bill, and the fact that the Corps of Engineers asked for $100 million and only got $40 million for the New Orleans levees. 1) The levee that failed was in perfect working condition, and had recently been refurbished. 2) The levees had only been designed to protect against a category 3 storm. Katrina was a 4. 3) Even if they had gotten the whole $100 million, they couldn't have spent a dime of it yet.They are also bringing up the whole race thing again, saying that this wouldn't have happened in a White area. 1) It did happen in the White areas, its just that the news channels aren't showing us those pictures. 2) Those people could have been saved if their city government (made up almost exclusively of Black people) had sent those buses into the neighborhoods and forced the people out. Norah O'Donnell just brought up the fact that 50% of the children in New Orleans are in poverty. What she didn't say, and I bet is true, is that the vast majority of those children are in single parent families. Basically this whole program was an attack on the president and the right.

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