Sunday, September 04, 2005

Have you no Decency?

Chief Justice Rehnquist has not yet been buried, and the corpses of the people of New Orleans even recovered yet, and already the leftwing loonies are exploiting Hurricane Katrina in their efforts to attack President Bush and his judicial nominees. Lanny Davis was just on Fox News saying that President Bush should recognize that in this time of crisis after the hurricane that he should nominate someone who will "pull America together". Just who does Lanny and the loonie left suggest? How about: ex-President Clinton, Prof. Tribe, Jesse Jackson, Sen. Kennedy, Ralph Neas, Eleanor Smeal or Dan Rather? How about the Democrats and the loonie left recognizing the need to "pull America together" and ending their baseless, lying, and ceaseless attacks on President Bush's judicial nominees? Sen Dodd has already said he thinks Justice O'Connor should stay on the Court, so that President Bush won't have to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist right away. He is either too stupid to realize, or too partisan to admit, that Judge Roberts has been nominated to replace Justice O'Connor, not Chief Justice Rehnquist, so if she stays, he doesn't get seated. There will have to be hearings anyway to replace Rehnquist as Chief Justice, even if we don't fill his seat on the Court immediately.

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