Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Orleans again

I'm watching another Louisiana politician (this one some Congressman) blaming the chaos and horror of New Orleans on the Federal government and president again. Damn it, the problem was caused by the incompetence and corruption of New Orleans and Louisiana politicians. Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin had to be coerced by the president into issuing the mandatory evacuation order on Sunday. Bob Schiffer was just pontificating about how could we expect the poor of New Orleans to evacuate when they had no money and owned no cars? How about using the city and school buses? It was the local and state government that allowed those buses to be submerged rather than use them to evacuate New Orleans. It was the arcane politics of New Orleans that managed the levees inefficently. (although the one that failed was in perfect working condition and recently upgraded) It was the New Orleans PD who couldn't, or wouldn't, maintain order. It was the Governor and her staff that was slow in coordinating with the federal government. Go to this site, and read Gen. Blum's remarks about the New Orleans PD, and even though he is trying to be PC, and stay out of the blame game, the quotes are devastating. Compare the response in Mississipi, hit just as hard as Louisiana, and in Louisiana. The main difference? Competent leadership versus incompetent leadership.

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