Monday, September 05, 2005

Mayor of New Orleans pt3

I'm beginning to think this guy might actually be insane. Here is his latest brainchild:

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 4 - A day after two police suicides and the abrupt resignations or desertions of up to 200 police officers, defiant city officials on Sunday began offering five-day vacations - and even trips to Las Vegas - to the police, firefighters and city emergency workers and their families. ...
Mr. Nagin, who has been demanding more federal assistance for days as his city struggled with despair, death and flooding, said he had asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for the trips but the agency said it could not. He said the city, therefore, would pay the costs.

Not only is he sending the very people who failed him and his city on a vacation, he is spending money that is going to be desperately needed to clean and rebuild his city to do it! And he actually had the gall to ask the federal government to pay for it!

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