Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mayor of New Orleans II

I'm sitting here watching Mayor Nagin on 60 Minutes blame everyone but himself for the misery in New Orleans. He actually literally said that the law should have been ignored regarding the use of federal forces in a state. Let me say that again: He is pissed because the president did not violate the law and Louisiana soveriegnty. It was a total softball piece. No one asked him about the buses he didn't use to evacuate his citizens. No one asked him about not having adequate supplies in the Superdome or his failure to maintain order there. No one asked him about his failure to follow the New Orleans disaster plan. No one asked him about the fact that he spent the first two days of the disaster in Baton Rouge rather than his own city. No one asked him about the failure of his police department to maintain order, or about his police officers seen looting stores. No one asked him about his police officers resigning, or simply failing to show up for duty. The same problems that have caused so much misery this week happened almost exactly one year ago during Hurricane Ivan. Nothing was done to correct them, no lessons were learned. Mayor Nagin, the bulk of the guilt lies with you. Update: Mayor Nagin's latest remarks: "If the CIA slips me something and next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened."

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