Saturday, November 18, 2006


The game is about to begin. This should be each team's toughest game so far this season. USC is playing for a chance at the BCS Championship, Cal is playing for the Pac-10 title, and a berth in the Rose Bowl.

Go Trojans!

Update 9:28 1st quarter: The first big play, and first big review goes USC's way, negating an 82 yd fumble return for a TD by Cal. USC kicks a field goal and leads, 3-0.

Update 14:12 1st Quarter: USC gets an interception, and then on the next play there is a blocking break down that results in a USC safety. 3-2

Update 3:28 2nd quarter: Cal is driving after the free kick...the QB is sacked and fumbles, USC ball.

Update 11/19/06: Well that was a good game, a fun game. I would have loved to have played in that game, lots of good hitting, lots of big plays (on offense and defense for both teams). For once (especially in the Pac-10) the refs (including replay) had a good game.

I like the whole thing with having Maguire on the camera cart. (by the way, did you catch the kink in one of his fingers? What's the matter? Couldn't they set broken fingers in the 1960's?)

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