Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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From a blog called Not So Confidential:

One other comment - have you noticed that since the Dems won there are no complaints about voter fraud from them? Even though it was very close. Does anyone doubt that had it gone the other way there would be dozens of complaints and allegations and conspiracy theories about how the GOP stole the election? But the GOP loses and instead of complaining about cheating they are looking inward to see what they did wrong. It says so very much about the two parties - and the people in them.

Yeah, some of us have noticed. And I agree with you completely. The other thing I have noticed is the complete lack of graciousness in victory that much of the left has. They are being just as snide, rude and sarcastic as they were in defeat. There is an old football saying concerning players who behave poorly and with a lack of sportsmanship: "Act like you have been in the end zone before." Clearly much of the left didn't play football.

Update 11/8/06: I want to be sure to distinguish Harold Ford Jr. from my earlier remarks. His concession speech last night was a class act. He did everything that Kerry and Gore should have done. My estimation of him has gone up several notches.

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