Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fight On!

Well that was an impressive victory over Notre Dame. When you consider what USC lost to graduation and the NFL, then what they have lost to injury this year (they are on their fifth string fullback, a converted linebacker, right now) against what Notre Dame carried over from last year, this should have been a tough game.

Instead, except for a five minute period after a blocked punt and two consecutive interceptions at the end of the first half, Notre Dame was never in this game. USC only has to get by UCLA next week for another invite to the championship game.

This would be USC's third straight appearance in the championship game, and many (including me) still think USC should have been in the championship game in Jan. 2004, (the year USC won the A.P. championship and LSU won the BCS championship) which would make this four straight appearances.

This will be Ohio State's second appearance in the BCS championship game and USC's third since the system was put into place. When you consider that most of USC's stars will be returning next year. with the notable exceptions of Steve Smith, (possibly) Dwayne Jarrett and a few senior linemen and linebackers; USC will definitely be one of the pre-season favorites again next year. Throw in freshman QB Mark Sanchez , freshmen RBs Moody and Gable, Soph. WR Turner and lots of young talent on the defense, and USC could keep this dynasty going for a while. True football fans know that Pete Carroll is one of the best recruiters around, as well as a dominate coach. USC needs to keep him very happy with his contract.

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