Thursday, November 16, 2006

And So It Begins......

There was good news today in Congress. First, "cut and run" Murtha was defeated in his quest for power as majority leader. This was good for the American soldier, the Iraqi people and the American taxpayer.

Second, "madame botox" Pelosi spent some of her political capital in support of Murtha and lost. That can only be good.

Third, the blue dog Democrats flexed their muscles and discovered that they are the true source of power within the Democrat caucus. Hopefully this will embolden them.

Fourth, Huffington, Kos and the rest of the nutsroots suffered a setback. We are already seeing the beginning of a struggle for the party between the nutsroots and the DLC. We can only hope the Clintons are successful in throwing Dean overboard at the DNC, then things will get really entertaining.

I may have been a touch too pessimistic earlier...the Democrats might be too incompetent and divided to be as dangerous as I first thought.

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