Monday, November 13, 2006

Predictions 2006 -Results Pt. 1

1) Oscar for best movie - Walk the Line
Too soon to tell 0-0

2) Congress - Republicans will hold on to control of both houses, but will lose seats.
Wrong 0-1

3) U.S. Supreme Court - Alito will be confirmed, no attempt to filibuster. Another Justice will leave by the end of the year.
Correct 1-1

4) Rose Bowl - USC will beat Texas by at least 13 points.
Wrong 1-2

5) SuperBowl - Denver VS Seattle, Seattle wins
Close....It was Pittsburgh V Seattle and Pittsburgh won 1-3

6) Sen Clinton is re-elected with better than 60% of the vote
Yep...67% 2-3

7) When the election is finally held, Mayor Nagin loses in New Orleans
Sadly, wrong 2-4

8) The U.S. economy will continue to thrive, and the mainstream media will continue to ignore it.
This is clearly correct. 3-4

9) Both France and Germany will enter a recession.
Extremely low growth, but no recession 3-5
Update 11/15/06: France stagnant in the 3rd quarter, Germany up .6% and the Eurozone (countries using the Euro) up .5%. The U.S. had it's GDP rise by 1.6% in the 3rd quarter, and it was described as a "slump".

10) The U.N. will continue to ignore the Oil for Food Scandal, Bolton will continue to make the UN institute incremental reforms.
Yep 4-5

11) Israel will bomb Iran. The UN will condemn them and Israel won't give a shit.
Not yet at least 4-6

12) There will be more rumors of a coup in North Korea, but they will be false.
Yep 5-6

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