Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The President's Press Conference

Oh my God , this is a disaster.

First the substance, dumping Rumsfield overboard. What is he thinking? The Islamic fanatics and the moonbat Democrats will both see this as a victory. He is weakening himself enormously the day after the election. He is a lame duck as of right now.

Second he is replacing him with a former head of the CIA! What is he thinking? The CIA has been stabbing him in the back for six years! The CIA has been incompetent for the last 30 years!

Next the style. He looks and sounds weak. Defeated. Mark my words, the Democrats are going to roll him, and the press has already begun savaging him. The next two years are going to be very ugly. The press is being openly disrespectful, rude and hostile to him.

I give him credit for standing there and taking the punches the press is throwing, and occasionally attempting to counter-punch. It shows personal courage. But he isn't doing himself, or anyone else (especially the Republican party) any favors.

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