Saturday, November 19, 2005

Time to Halt the Gravy Train

Hurricaine Katrina hit New Orleans On August 29, 2005. Due to a corrupt and incompetent local and state government, and to an irresponsible population, the tragedy was compounded.

This week FEMA announced that it would no longer pay for hotel rooms beginning on December 1, 2005. That's right, three months later, we are still paying for hotel rooms for those displaced. I wonder how many of these people in hotel rooms are from New Orleans, and how many are from Mississipi which was hit as bad or worse?

Predictibly, those still in hotel rooms three months later (Why not? They aren't paying and I bet they love the room service.) are now crying foul, and attacking FEMA. Now, let us be clear, FEMA isn't saying they are going to cut these people off. FEMA is still willing to pay for their housing. They just want them to move into trailers or houses. But that is too much trouble for these people to go through. Three months later and they can't be bothered to find somewhere to live! Even when the government is still going to pay their rent!

Now FEMA is showing signs of backing down from their deadline. Nobody has the moral courage to throw these bums out. Strike that, we aren't even throwing them out, just asking them to move!

Let's talk cold hard facts here. Most of these people have been living off government handouts for most, if not all, of their lives. Many of them are living better than they were before Katrina. They have no experience of providing for themselves. They are going to suck on Uncle Sam's teat for as long as we let them, and then go kicking and screaming when and if we finally do kick them out. Its time to start kicking them out, and/or forcing them to work.

That incompetent blow hard Mayor Nagin is flying to Washington D.C. every week (I wonder just who is paying for that?) begging for $250 billion dollars to rebuild his city. If that is what it is going to cost, let's send in the bull dozers and let it return to swamp. New Orleans isn't worth $250 billion of my tax dollars.

There is a so far unconfirmed story that the N.O. police force had 700 phantom officers. Supposedly the FBI is investigating. If this is true, it explains why the police commisioner retired so suddenly. It also would explain much of the incompetence of the N.O. police in dealing with Katrina. If this is true, people need to go to jail.

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