Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nov. 8 election pt 2

I've been pretty disgusted with the way that the unions have been behaving in this election cycle. Instead of debating the propositions on their merits, they have spent millions attacking the governor and turning this into a referendum on him. It only reinforces my support of Prop. 75, paycheck protection. I would certainly never have agreed to have my money spent this way, even though I side with the union on two of the other propositions. Add on to that the manner in which the union borrowed money and imposed an extra $60 a year for three years in dues without allowing the membership to vote on it.


Nathrax said...

I say bust the goddam governmental worker unions. Its happened in the private sector now it needs to happen to government workers.

Unions are for commie pinkos anyway. They impede the natural market forces and lead to a breakdown of the market. Marx would want the unions to have their way.

Vote for the 4 Arnold props. It is time for a change, any change, and this state is so fucked up anyway that no harm will be done by voting for them.

Gahrie said...

I too am opposed to governmental employees having unions. That being said however, there are a lot of truly incompetent administrators working for the government who do some really fucked up things to their employees.