Friday, November 25, 2005

Possible Iraqi Pullout

The mainstream media and the Democrat party are collaborating in an attempt to reproduce our treachery at the end of the Vietnam War. But what both of them are forgetting is that this war is not the same type of war. As far as the terrorist forces are concerned, this is literally a war to the death. They see mercy and restraint as weakness. They will definitely see a withdrawal as a cut and run. And it will only encourage them. They won't be content with torturing and slaughtering their own citizens like the Communists in Indochina were. They will follow us home and slaughter us here. Let me, and hopefully the Republican party, make this clear: It will be totally the fault of the Democrats and the media. The Democrats have been sabotaging our national defense for political gain for sixty years. This will be the worst and most dangerous example of it yet. And we haven't even talked about the disastrous effect it will have on our military yet. It took our military a generation to recover from the effect our retreat from Vietnam had on it, this will be even worse.

This issue is too important to be polite, or to worry about politics. The Republicans have to be willing to talk in blunt terms about a withdrawal and what it will mean. They have to be willing to label the Democrats as the cads they are. The American people will support them, polls be damned. The American people know what is at stake here, and if the Republicans roll over and betray the Iraqi and American people they will not only be worthy of contempt, they will let the Democrats and the media off the hook.

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