Sunday, November 20, 2005

Terrible Terrel pt 2

There is talk about Terrel winning his arbitration case and returning to the NFL this year. I hope this doesn't happen. If it does, hopefully Philly will simply pay him and keep him on the inactive list. He is hoping that the Eagles will release him and allow him to go somewhere else. I would like to think that all the other teams are principled enough not to pick him up, but sadly that isn't true. This jerk has no concept of team, and is a cancer. The owners of the league should draw a line and show the players there is a limit to the misbehavior they are willing to tolerate.

Update (10:30 AM 11/23/05)

The arbitrator has ruled. Terrel lost every part of the case. He said not only can the Eagles suspend him for four games, but they can also put him on the inactive list and force him to sit at home the rest of the season. Sanity has prevailed!

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