Sunday, November 20, 2005

College Football

Yet another amazing game from USC. What most people fail to realize is just how hurt their defense is. They are almost to the point of pulling fans out of the stands to suit up at DB. For most of the game last light they had two true freshmen playing inside linebacker. They started the year young and inexperienced on defense and a string of injuries has only made it worse. The fact that they are still undefeated is even more impressive. The time off between the UCLA game and the Rose Bowl will hopefully allow them to get healthy.

Until last night, I was firmly in the Leinart camp for Heisman. Not anymore. Reggie Bush truly deserves the trophy.

I wish Texas would lose one of their two last games, but I don't think it is going to happen. But after last night Penn State would probably go if Texas loses, and I think Penn State deserves their shot. Texas does not play a tough schedule, and they play in a comparably weak conference. Plus it would restore the Pac 10 v Big 10 match up to the Rose Bowl if Penn State went.

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