Monday, January 17, 2005

Pres. Jeb Bush?

I have always thought Jeb was the best of the bunch. At one time it was generally acknowledged that he would be the second Bush to run for president. For whatever reason, George ran first and won. Now many people are saying that Jeb can never be elected, because Americans will reject a dynasty. I sure hope that that is not true, because I certainly approve of Jeb much more than his father or brother. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one. (link)

I am on record as desiring a Condi/Hillary match up, but maybe a Jeb/Hillary match up would be just as good.

And until he went to Mexico and pandered to the hispanic vote, I was a big fan of George S. Bush (Jeb's son) also. Hopefully he was just being young and foolish.

Say what you will about the Bush family, at least they didn't make their first fortune as drug smugglers, and then game the stock market in ways that are now illegal like the Democratic dynasty the Kennedys did.

Ask me to tell you the real story behind John and the PT109 incident someday.

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