Sunday, January 02, 2005

Dead Pool 2005

My picks for the DeadPool 2005:

1) Pope John Paul II - the Pope
Surely they can't keep this guy going much longer can they?

2) Margaret Thatcher - former British PM
Sadly, she's not looking too good

3) Gerald Ford - former President of the US
Ex presidents get good medical care, but he's starting to press the odds

4) Bill Clinton - former US President
You don't actually think he's going to listen to his doctors do you?

5) Bob Dylan - singer
He's on his farewell tour

6) Elizabeth Taylor - actress
The shock of Michael's conviction will do her in

7) Jerry Orbach - actor (replaced with Arthur C. Clarke)
Jerry just needed to hold on 3 more days...Clarke lives in Sri Lanka and is old..Sri Lanka is not going to be the most healthy place to live next year

8) Eddie Albert - actor
Old very old

9) Nancy Reagan - former first lady
Nothing to live for now that Ronnie is gone. Will die of a broken heart

10) Robert Downey Jr - actor
Can you say overdose?

11) AL Davis - owner Oakland Raiders
Wishful thinking here...I'll never forgive him for ruining Marcus Allen's career

12) Nick Nolte - actor
Overdose or drunk driving

13) Robert Byrd - US Senator
old, very old

14) Ray Bradbury - Sci Fi writer & inventor'd be a shame though

15) Kim Jong Il - dictator of North Korea
I just hope he's not already dead.......