Monday, January 17, 2005


OK. The verdict is in. NBC has created yet another late night program I enjoy. And just at the right time also, because I'm starting to get bored with ER. (although last week's episode was pretty good) So let's see I watch West Wing (NBC), the three Law & Orders (NBC), the occasional ER (NBC), The Great Race (CBS) and now Medium (NBC).

A long time ago I noticed that I couldn't stand the news casts of CBS and ABC, and I only watch local news on NBC and Fox. I knew people who only watched news on the ABC affilate or the CBS affiliate at the time. I have always wondered if there is a reason why people tend to favor one or the other and why. I know it doesn't have to do with the newscasters, because they frequently migrate among the stations, and at least one of them has been on all three local network affilates and at least one of the independents.

Whatever the reason, I am clearly an NBC type of guy.

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