Saturday, January 08, 2005

NFL Playoffs

I used to be a rabid football fan. I was a fan of the Rams from the first time I understood what football was. And I became a fan of the Rams when I lived overseas in England, so it wasn't like it was a hometown type of thing. (my brother is a fan of the Steelers)

The first disappointment for me was the death of Carrol resembling, and the theft of the Rams from the resembling family by Georgia Frontiere. Then she moves them back to St. Louis so she can be a large fish in a small pond, instead of the small fish in a large pond she was out here. I sincerely wish she would be hit by a bus.

My second favorite team was the Raiders, so you can understand how happy I was when they moved to L.A.. Then Al Davis ruined Marcus Allen's career and took the team back up north. I hope he gets hit by the same bus that takes out Frontiere.

Then I became a fan of fantasy football. Now I spend the season rooting for specific players, and don't really care about the teams. It just so happened this year that I had Marc Bulger, Torry Holt and Jeff Wilkins and they won me my ESPN league. So I was able to enjoy the Rams games most of the time.

The playoffs started today, and I watched the Rams-Seahawk game. It was just like old times. I really enjoyed the game, and rooted for the Rams shamelessly.

It kind of felt like meeting up with your old high school flame and hooking up with her. ( I imagine)

I hope the Jets-Chargers game is as much fun.

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