Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year

Well It just turned 2005 in New York. Three more hours to go here. I'm getting so damned old, I have to watch the ball drop in New York, because I might not make it to midnight out here. Pathetic. In my prime I'd have been half way through a bottle of Cuervo and flirting with the best looking girl at the party right now. (well at least I thought I was flirting)

I hope everyone has a great 2005. 2004 was an interesting year, and you know what the Chinese and Klingons say about interesting times. (you don't? Where the hell have you been?) Let's hope 2005 is much more boring. (apart from me winning the lottery)

Now I'm going to go turn up the heater, grab a book, and a bottle of fancy apple juice.

Mazel Tov Y'all.

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