Saturday, December 11, 2004

Heisman Trophy

Yeah! Matt Leinart won! That's SC's sixth, which ties them with Ohio State with six, and one behind Notre Dame which has seven. It's also two in three years, because Carson Palmer won in 2002. Matt is only a junior, so he has a chance to repeat next year (which would make him only the second person to do that [Archie Griffin did it for Ohio State in 74 & 75]) , and Reggie Bush who finished fourth in the voting this year is only a sophomore, so SC has a real chance to win three in a row!

SC is about to win their second National Championship in a row, and with both Bush and Leinart (and a team full of sophomores and juniors) coming back, a chance to win three in a row next year. What a great time to be a Trojan!

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