Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Arizona's Prop. 200

OK the people of Arizona get fed up, and decide to stop rewarding people who break the law. They pass an initiative that says that people have to show proof of citizenship in order to vote and valid identification in order to receive State benefits. Sounds like common sense right?

Well MALDEF decided that this was unfair to illegal immigrants and filed a lawsuit to overturn the well of the people of Arizona. That's bad enough, but you kind of expect that from an organization like MALDEF.

What's worse, is that they found a judge that agreed with them and granted an injunction. Judge Bury who filed the injunction was appointed by President Bush. We now have a judge that apparently feels that people have the right to break our laws, violate our sovereignty, and then demand the right to vote in our elections and raid our public treasuries. And he was appointed by a Republican.

What the hell is wrong with us?

All we have to do to see how wrong this type of behavior is , is look at Mexico. Look at how Mexico treats it's LEGAL immigrants, let alone illegal ones. Legal immigrants in Mexico aren't even allowed to buy land, let alone vote in their elections or receive public monies. Look at how Mexico controls their sourthen border. They would never tolerate the open border to the South of their country that they seem to feel entitled to to the North of their country.

Illegal immigrants are illegal and must be deported, and not supported. Illegal immigration is destroying our way of life and our quality of life in the Southwest, and we need to address that now, before it's too late.

By the way, I support legal immigration regardless of where they are from.

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