Monday, March 23, 2009

Too Many People!

There is a twit in the United Kingdom named Jonathan Porritt, who unfortunately appears to be an advisor to the British Prime Minister, that is apparently channeling Sir Paul McCartney:

He wants to cut the population of the United Kingdom in half, down to 30 million people. This would drag the population back to that of the Victorian times. (And we all know how pleasant that period was for the majority of the British people) He's going to make the case this week at a conference held by an organization called the Optimum Population Trust. Imagine the hubris involved merely to imagine that you could even figure out what an "optimum population" is. Why merely roll back to 30 million? Surely 15 million would be even better? Twice as better?

Our own population crazies, Zero Population Growth (ZPG) have apparently changed their name to Population Connection. (They've apparently changed their name but their URL is still Even they are only crazy enough to want to stabilize current populations. I wonder how long it will take them to pick up the banner that Mr. Porritt is raising?

At this time, solely due to immigration the population of the United Kingdom is due to rise to 71 million by 2031. The actual birth rate in the United Kingdom is below replacement rate at 1.91 per woman. (replacement rate is set at 2.1 by most demographers) with the birth rate of foreign born women higher than UK born women. Millions of people are moving to the UK (mostly non-European), while at the same time millions of British are moving out. Right now there are over 5 million British born living abroad. Anyone want to be me that this conference and organization is almost (if not totally) exclusively White and European?

What Mr. Porritt and his ilk are unwilling to face (or at least admit) is that the United Kingdom is in the process of changing from a first world European nation to a third world, non-European (and largely Muslim) nation. This new population of the United Kingdom has explicitly proclaimed their intention of replacing the European population and culture. Just how does Mr. Porritt expect to convince these people to reduce their population?

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