Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tax RevoltTea Parties

Just about one month ago Rick Santelli gave his famous speech from the floor of the Chicago Stock exchange:

Future generations may know this man as "The Sam Adams of the 21st Century" All over the country people have been spontaneously organizing Tea Party protests over the actions of Pres. Obama and the Democratic Congress.

The only thing more amazing than the rapid spread of this grassroots movement across the country is the complete lack of coverage of it from the MSM. Literally dozens of articles and reports have been made about 40 people protesting outside the homes of AIG executives yesterday. By most accounts the protesters were heavily outnumbered by the reporters. This protest was all over cable and network news. Where is the coverage of the tea parties?

I am starting to hear suggestions that a big nationwide event is going to happen on April 15. I certainly hope so. If we don't see any improvement soon, I have two suggestions for next year.

First, if possible, change your withholding to "0" as soon as possible. This reduces the amount of interest free loans we give the government, and if enough of us do it, will probably affect the government's cash flow. Simply take the amount you used to send to the IRS each month, and put it in a savings account. Thus you get the interest payments on your money the government isn't giving you, and when your taxes are due in 2010, you have the money on hand.

Second, don't file your taxes until April 14 or April 15 next year. You will have to wait longer for your refund, but if you follow my suggestion above, the government won't owe you a refund. The impact this would have on the IRS is immense. They depend upon the fact that people start filing their returns on January 1.

Protests are good. But it is time to go to the next step. If we can convince millions of Americans upset with Pres. Obama and the Democrats to follow my two suggestions we could really shake things up in Sodom on the Potomac.

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Anonymous said...

Actually you need to file 1 or higher to have less taken out. If you file 0 they take more out for taxes to make sure you don't owe at the end of the year. I file married and 3 and still get a refund of around 1500. But thats due to me having a child that's still too young to work.