Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Good And The Bad

Well, the good news is CNN is going to finish in third place this month in prime time for the first time ever. The funniest lines in the article are the attempts to brand CNN as a neutral news source. The problem with CNN is that they are just more of the same leftwing MSM as the network shows. There is no incentive to switch away from CBS, ABC or NBC. Another problem is their hosts. They've come along way from the days of Bernie Shaw, and not in the right direction. C'mon admit it, the only CNN personality you can name is Anderson Cooper, and then that's only because he is the gay son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

The bad news is that MSNBC has taken second place, largely due to the pyschotic rantings of Keith Olbermann and the only success story to come out of Air America, Rachel Maddow. I remember Keith from the old days when he was a local sportscaster in LA, who basically stole Fred Roggin's routine. Give Olbermann his due..he saw a void and filled it. Too bad he lacks the talent of either O'Reilly or Hannity.

Of course Fox News is far and above the winner of cable prime time. They draw more than CNN and MSNBC combined. Besides providing an alternative to the leftwing media, Fox is smart enough to give us eye candy. Gentlemen, I give you the women of Fox News.

P.S. Submitted for Rule 5 Sunday.

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