Saturday, March 28, 2009

Health Care

I just saw a Business show on Fox (Cashing In) and there was a debate on Pres. Obama's health care plan. Everyone (including me) is pretty sure that his plan will be for a nationalized plan run by the government. During the debate the point was made that Pres. Obama believes that there is a right to health care provided by the government, as does some of the guests on the show.

This is repetitive, but important:

Where does this "right" to health care come from?

If we get a "right" to health care, what will the Left demand next? Because you know they will move on to a new "right" that the government must supply. I've already predicted that it will be Internet access. Hell, we're already giving out government coupons so people can buy digital decoder boxes, I assume there is a "right" to watch TV.

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Smokinwill said...

The reason that the government gave out the coupons is because they forced the switch to digital broadcasting. Many people have TV's that they bought in the late ninety's or early 2000's(I bought a sony in 03) that do not have a digital tuner inside them. Why should I be forced to not watch TV or be forced to buy a new TV(not that I can afford one now due to a switch the government wanted to implement. They should have forced the OEM's to start installing duel tuners for analog and digital in the early 90's if they wanted everyone to be able to make the switch without needing one of these converters.