Saturday, September 22, 2007

USC V Washington State 9/22/07

I went to the USC game today. My friend Germaine asked me to help chaperone a field trip, and I got a free ticket to the game (general admission).

This is the first game I've gone to live since I went to USC from 1983 to 1987. Man things are different. We had tailgate parties back then, but nothing like this. It was nuts...every flat surface on campus or in Exposition Park had as tent set up on it. I'm firmly convinced that at least half the people at the tailgate parties didn't even go to the game.

There was a few new buildings on campus, and at least one road had been replaced with a building or two and some grass. I saw the new Galen center...for some reason I thought it was actually on campus over by Heritage Hall, instead of across Figueroa.

We got to the Coliseum and found our seats behind and to the home side of the periastyle end. There was a little bit of rain in the second quarter, but nothing too bad. At one point it was sunny and dry in one end of the stadium, and sprinkling fairly hard in the other end. This first picture is before the game while the teams are loosening up.

The next picture is USC running onto the field before the game.

This is the opening kick off.

Traveler after a USC score.

Part of the band came up into the stands to help encourage school spirit, even over in the cheap seats with us..

The team coming out for the second half.

and finally the torch lighting at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

USC wins..47-14! Fight On!

Update 9/26/07: I have attempted to fix the photos..the links weren't working anymore. I'll add one more below.... Germaine from the comments and myself chaperoning a dance a couple of years ago. I'm the short, handsome one.


Becky said...

The atmosphere on campus before the games has really evolved into something totally rockin! I used to work some of the events before games when I was a sophomore (2000) and it was fun, but it's like 10x more awesome there now.

G. Gray said...

I didn't ask you to go because I wanted a chaperone. I asked you to go because you're a great friend...and probably the coolest person I ever met. To some that may not mean much, but to me that means everything.
Thank you again for coming.
(Hey, that's what your...)

Gahrie said...

Well...I was trying to not seem like a freeloader......

It should be noted that I was highly resistant to going on this trip, but Germaine was persistent....and I am glad I went...

And as for the rest...I am blushing.....