Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night Football 9/17/07

OK...I'm officially proclaiming this to be the worst announcing team ever for Monday Night Football.

Mike Tirico is simply average. Whoever decided to trade Al Michaels to NBC, (yep that's right, they traded Michaels to NBC for a cartoon character and the right to broadcast the Ryder Cup.) should be fired. With a decent crew Tirico might have been OK, but he can't drag Jaworski and Kornheiser up to mediocrity by himself.

Ron Jaworski was a pretty good QB, and a run of the mill studio analyst, but he doesn't have enough personality for the MNF booth. Again a top flight announcer like Michaels would be able to cover this up. Tirico is not up to the task.

Tony Kornheiser. I have friends who swear this guy is great on Pardon The Interruption. I'll have to take their word for it. I'm not impressed. I'll take Dennis Miller over this guy any day. Is he trying be funny? He spent the 2006 season trying to make Theisman look stupid. He's not worthy to carry Joe's jock. Jaworski will apparently be this year's victim. God, I'd rather listen to Maguire than this guy.

This crew almost makes the three Mikes look like Emmy winners. I almost long for the days of Cosell, Gifford and Meredith.

Come back Michaels...and bring Madden with you.

Update 8:10 PM: Ok...Barkley was more entertaining than Jaws and Kornheiser combined. But if he had whined about Reid and McNabb being underappreciated and disrespected one more time I would have thrown something at the screen.

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