Saturday, September 29, 2007

College Football 9/29/07

10:30 AM: Notre Dame down 23-0 to Purdue at halftime, and it could easily be much, much worse. Tulane is beating LSU 9-7 with 1:40 to go in the first half. Illinois is beating Penn State 21-17, about to go into halftime. Michigan is losing to Northwestern 7-13 at the half. This has been a crazy year in college football. (pro football too for that matter)

Update 10:45 AM: LSU got a field goal at the end of the half...10-9.

Update 3:00 PM: OK....Notre Dame had the best half of football they've played so far this year in the second half, and made it almost respectable, losing 33-19. Still, Notre Dame is now 0-5 for the first time ever, and it looks like they could have a quarterback controversey.

LSU came back to spank Tulane 34-9. Michigan also came back to win 28-16 over Northwestern.

However, Illinois upset Penn State 27-20 and Colorado beat Oklahoma 27-24; so two top 5 teams lost this week. (Oklahoma and WVU)

Georgia Tech is currently beating Clemson 10-3; Cal and Oregon are tied up at 17-17; Maryland is up 20-17 over Rutgers and Kansas State is up 27-21 over Texas.

Update 4:05 PM: Wow..what a crappy way for Oregon to lose the football game. Well maybe it's poetic justice, that Cal field goal looked good to me. Cal over Oregon 31-24. Texas gets pasted by Kansas State 41-21, so # 7 and #11 both lose. Lots of movement in the BCS rankings this week. How high does USF go?

Update 4:34 PM: Maryland beats Rutgers 34-24. Wisconsin escapes Michigan State 37-34, #10 loses and #9 has a close call.

Update 9:45 PM: I just got back from watching the USC game at a sports bar. Very sloppy game, and the refs made some awful calls. It seemed like every Washington pass play resulted in either a personal foul or pass interference. Let's check out some results:

#1 USC - win
#2 LSU - win
#3 Oklahoma - loss to unranked Colorado.
#4 Florida - loss to unranked Auburn.
#5 West Virginia - loss to #18 South Florida
(That's three losses in the top 5!, Two to unranked teams.)
#6 Cal - won
#7 Texas - loss To unranked Kansas State.
#8 Ohio State - win
#9 Wisconsin - win
#10 Rutgers - loss to unranked Maryland.
(That's five losses in the top ten, four to unranked teams.)
#11 Oregon - loss to #6 California. (Easily the "best" loss of the week)
#12 Boston College - win
#13 Clemson - loss to unranked Georgia Tech.
(That's seven losses in the top 13, five to unranked teams.)
#14 Kentucky - win
#15 Georgia - win
#16 South carolina - win
#17 - Virginia Tech - win
#18 South Florida - win
#19 Hawaii - win
#20 Missouri - bye
#21 Penn State - loss to unranked Illinois.
#22 Alabama - loss to unranked Florida State
#23 Arizona State - win
#24 Cinncinati - win
#25 Nebraska - win
That's 9 losses of the 24 teams in the top 25 that played, seven to unranked teams. Upset Saturday indeed.

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