Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kitchen Nightmares 9/26/07

Wow...I didn't think it was possible...but Chef Ramsey has found an even worse restaurant this week...Dillion's Restaurant....and the kicker is, it's very close by one of his own restaurants in Manhatten. This place can't make up its mind as to whether it is an Indian restaurant or an American style restaurant. And that is the least of its problems. Most of the cooks apparently don't speak English, and can't cook American style food, there is rotten food in the kitchen and the basement is full of rats and cockroaches.

The General Manager Martin is a total incompetent. Chef Ramsey actually closes down the restaurant with customers in the dining room.

He changes the menu, the dining room, the signage and even the name of the restaurant. It's now called Purnima. But he still is dead set on getting rid of the General Manager Martin, and for some reason the owner appears to want to keep him. Chef Ramsey manages to browbeat the manager into quitting.

This is the perfect show for Chef Ramsey, as it lets him really work himself into a rage and attack people. Also, it's completely fresh, and not a copy of another show, like Hell's Kitchen was a copy of Top Chef. The cherry on top is that he is actually finding dining disasters and hopefully fixing them.

Update 11:00 PM: According to the comments, Hell's Kitchen (UK) came before Top Chef. So he didn't poorly copy someone else's show, someone copied his show and did a better job.......


Anonymous said...

How can Hell's Kitchen be a copy of Top Chef, when the UK version of Hell's Kitchen aired two years before Top Chef?

Gahrie said...

I guess it can't.

So what's worse, being a bad knock off of another show, or someone else copying your show and doing it better?

Regardless, this show is much better than Hell's Kitchen ever was.

Heather said...

The show as all about Vikas Khanna. I cannot believed my eyes when ego-centric Gordon was giving all the attention to Vikas. Well, maybe Gordon wanted him too. Anyway, Vikas was it. I never cared for the British version, but loved this episode. This was disgusting till Vikas came in and like a lotus came out clean from this mess.