Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kitchen Nightmares

I'm watching the new show starring Chef Gordon Ramsey (formerly of Hell's Kitchen) The first episode he's back east in a town called Babylon and a restaurant called Peter's Italian Restaurant. The restaurant is owned by a woman, but dominated by her complete asshole of a brother, Peter. (first of all, why is the restaurant named after him anyway?) The brother comps meals, steals from the till, and browbeats the staff. He spends money on himself that should be spent on the restaurant. He acts like a bad B actor in a bad Hollywood movie about the mob. If it was anybody but Ramsey I'd suspect that it was all fake.

The kitchen was a shambles, and Peter apparently owes money to everyone in the state, and when they come to collect from him, he turns into a cliche goon. Instead of serving the food, he eats it.....and then yells at the staff because the food didn't get out on time.

The best way to fix that restaurant would be to shoot the stupid bastard. I mean seriously, he was such a stereotype it was ridiculous. I can't imagine what is going through his head, and frankly his parents head as they watch this. He's a complete spoiled leech.

It ends with a supposed turn around from Peter that lasted about 5 minutes. I'd be interested in seeing what things are like there tonight........

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