Monday, August 20, 2007

Time to Buy a Lottery Ticket.......

The small blind has Big Slick...King of spades, Ace of clubs.

The big blind has a pair of Kings, hearts and clubs.
A third player has a Jack of diamonds and a Queen of diamonds.

The flop comes King of diamonds, Ace of diamonds and Ace of hearts.
The small blind now has a full boat, and the nuts, Aces over Kings.

The big blind now has the second best possible hand, a full house Kings over Aces.
Player 3 has a great draw, to a flush or a straight.

The turn. Ace of spades.
Small blind still has the nuts, only now it's four Aces.
Big blind still has the second best possible hand, only now his full boat is Aces over Kings.
Player 3 still has his straight draw and his flush draw, and a decent chance at a split pot at worst if he doesn't make his hand. (however I don't know how he stayed in)
The River. OMFG. A Ten of diamonds.
Player 3 hits a Royal Flush. A Freaking Royal Flush.
The small blind shows his four Aces. The big blind shows his full house Aces over Kings in disgust. He's hit a all rights he should have won. There are only two possible hands in all of poker that could have beat him, and four Aces is one of them.

Then player 3 shows his Royal Flush, the other hand that beats the Big blind..but also beats the small blind. The ultimate cooler.

If player 3 did not rush out that night and buy a lottery ticket he was crazy!


Ed said...

That's your second hold'em post. Are you playing often? San Manuel? Or home games?

Gahrie said...

I watch a lot on TV, and I play in a regular game every other Saturday.

Ed said...

I didn't know you play that much. I run a tourney about once a month.

Next time I send out an email for the players I will add you to the list.

Gahrie said...

Cool...more dead money for you and your friends......