Saturday, March 10, 2007

Movie Previews

I just saw two movie previews on one of my HD TV channels.

The first was called Hot Fuzz. It's made by, and stars the guys from Shaun of the Dead. It appears to be a send up of action movies. It has been released in the UK already, but it won't be released in the US until April.

The second is apparently a sequel of sorts to Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman plays God again. It's called Evan Almighty, and stars Steve Carell as a modern day Moses.


Ed said...

300 comes out and is Huge and you of all people don't talk about it.

It's Frank Miller on the movie screen and it's that much closer to Watchmen.

Tell me you've saw it.

Gahrie said...

Actually..I haven't seen it yet.

I do expect good things from it though.

Ed said...

If you read the series there are shots that are panel for panel.

It's nice to see a film maker look at a quality work and not want to change it.