Monday, March 26, 2007

BSG 3/25/07 {spoiler alert}

Well I just watched the season finale tonight. So we learned who four of the five last Cylon skin jobs are. I have to say, I pretty much saw Chief Tyrol coming...especially after the temple episodes. I wasn't all that surprised with Col. Tigh either. It always seemed there was something more there. The other two weren't involved enough in the story to tell either way.But we are left with some questions.

1) Who is the 5th Cylon?

Well they want us to believe it's Roslin. After all, she was sharing visions with Sharon and Six who are both Cylons. But I don't believe they ever showed her hearing the music, and they can blame the visions on that drug she was taking.

They also want us to think it's Starbuck.

They have been laying groundwork for it to be one of those two for a while now.

I don't remember a fifth person hearing the music. If there was, they are the fifth Cylon..but why didn't it meet the other four?

2) Why is the storyline making Hera out to be so special still? After all, unless Cally is the fifth Cylon...Tyrol has a half Human/half Cylon child also. Depending on who the fifth Cylon is, there might be more. (unless the plot twist is going to be that the Cylons brainwashed those four into thinking they were Cylons, but they're not)

3) Does this mean that Bob Dylan is the Cylon God? Why the hell use All Along the Watchtower?

4) Why the hell do we have to wait until 2008 for another episode? Waiting until Septemeber I could see..but January or later?

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