Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann Coulter at CPAC

So Coulter made a joke about popular culture (say a naughty word and be sent to rehab) in which she basically called Edwards a faggot. Oh the humanity!

The Rightwing bloggers have been in a tizzy ever since. Coulter has been savaged, and most of the people doing it didn't get the joke. I haven't actually read anyone yet who has suggested she go into rehab, but surely that can't be far behind.

Meanwhile what has been the Left's reaction? Are they praising the reaction of the Rightwing bloggers? Have the Republican presidential candidates gotten any credit for repudiating Ann? Of course not. The Left senses weakness and are attacking with more fevor than ever.

Marcotte made many more much more offensive remarks about conservatives, men and Christians. She was then hired by the Edwards campaign. (Coulter was merely a speaker at a conservative event, and has never had any ties to any Republican organization or campaign) How did Edwards react when confronted with Marcotte's words? Why he defended her. And when Marcotte resigned did she moderate her comments? Has Edwards ever repudiated her? Of course not.

Look, I abhor the Left, their tactics and ideology. But give them credit, they stand by, and up for, their own. No action too vile, no comment too outlandish.

For a start, compare the following:

Nixon V Clinton
Packwood V Clinton
Foley V Studds
Cunningham V Jefferson
Coulter V Marcotte
Lott V Byrd

Look, no one is saying that the Right should defend Coulter. I doubt Coulter expects or wants it. But her excoriation has no upside and is counterproductive. The Left and the Media don't care, the blood in the water just excites them.

The response from those on the Right should have been simply this:

"Coulter has no position within the Republican party, any conservative organization or any Republican campaign. She speaks only for herself. Your attention should instead be turned to John Edwards, who has defended much worse statements from Amanda Marcotte, whom he hired for his campaign."

Update: This is what the Right's attacks on Coulter earned it.


libhom said...

Your comments on Marcotte show the fanatical misogyny that consumes the far right.

Moneyrunner said...

Well said. Here's my post on the subject

Gahrie said...


1) I actually have more of a problem with her anti-Christian ranting than her anti-male ranting.

2) I am hardly misogynistic. I love and respect women.

Gahrie said...


By the do you feel about Bill Clinton? Do sexual assault, rape, serial adultry, and calling your former sexual partners "sluts and nuts" count as misogyny? If not why not? If they do, could you explain why all the feminists continue to support him?

Lord Nazh said...

All the PC people are having a field day with this. Good for you and sticking to your guns Gahrie.

Added your site to my links (had to purge the crybabies out)