Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BSG 3/25/07 Pt. 2 {spoiler alert}

OK..Having slept on it..more thoughts.

First of all, three of the new Cylons were leaders of the resistance on New Caprica, and one, Anders, was a leader of the resistance on Caprica. How do they feel about this....

Something that fits in with the current storyline..they can be seen as traitors...both to the human fleet because they are Cylons, and to the Cylons, because they were resistance leaders.

How will this change Col. Tigh's feeling about Six and Sharon..or Balthar for that matter?

This brings a whole new perspective on the relationship between Tyrol and Boomer in the early days of the series.....two Cylons in love with each other....

What happened to Starbuck...did she really go to Earth? Did she die? If she did die, does that mean she is a cylon...or that she is a Jesus Christ analog? They certainly seem to be setting her up as a Jesus Christ analog.

What is so special about the final five Cylons? Especially since we now see that at least four of them infilitrated the humans like some of the other seven.

How is Starbuck going to react when she finds out that Anders is a Cylon.....will she see their relationship in the same light as her relationship with Leoben? What if Lee Adama turns out to be the fifth? (although I don't see how this is possible)

How the hell is the fleet going to get out of the mess they are in?

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