Monday, March 05, 2007

Katrina Victims Evacuate Trailer Park

Jesus Christ! Katrina hit New Orleans in August of 2005! It was over 18 months ago! How much longer are these "victims" going to live off the government teat? Are you going to tell me that you couldn't get a job and a place to live for your family after 18 months?

I'm going to make some predictions, and many of you are going to call me a racist for it.

At least 90% of those still in the FEMA trailers are on welfare.

At least 90% of them are second generation welfare recipients.....and I bet a sizeable majority have never had a steady job.

10 years from now, there will still be Katrina "victims" living in FEMA trailers, and bitching about how bad the government is treating them.

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