Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Diving Championships 2006 (World Cup 2006)

OK I get it. Football (soccer) is the world's sport. I've lived overseas, and I've played soccer in the US and the UK. It's a great game, very athletic. Usually low scoring, but very enjoyable to watch if you know the game.

However it is the only sport in which acting is rewarded as much as, or even more than, athletic ability. It is a well known, established and accepted fact, that soccer players fake fouls and injuries. It is considered by most to be part of the game.

A French player just faked a foul in the penalty box, and it was quite obvious that he did so. A penalty kick was awarded, and now France leads 1-0. The player who took a dive will be considered a hero, especially if his goal is decisive.

That is simply wrong. He should be held up to scorn by the sporting world. FIFA should punish him for his actions.

Update: Justice is served, Italy wins on penalty kicks.

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Ed said...

That's where the NHL has it right. If someone fakes a fall they get the penalty. You tell me a couple of red cards handed out for acting wouldn't stop this? It does seem to be how Americans are different from everyone else. We go overboard on fair play (at least based on the rest of the world) and want to make sure the players play the game.