Friday, July 28, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to Work I go......

Well, I'm back at work again. Wednesday was a non-student work day, and then we had the kids on Thursday and Friday. It's been the most stressful opening of school for me in at least six years. Restless sleep and physical and mental stress.

1) A new classroom..they forced me to change classrooms, so I was presented with a pile of tables, bookcases, chairs and file cabinets. Plus the teacher in the room before me didn't move all of her crap out last year, so I had to deal with that too. (in fact there is stuff in there from the last four teachers to use that room)

2) A new grade level...they forced me to change from the 7th grade to the 8th grade. This means a new curriculum, new teaching partners, and (as it turns out) 60% of my students I had last year.

3) A new prep period. They gave me the second period prep..the worst one. And to top it off, they are only four of us on it, so I will have to give it up to cover the classes of absent teachers more often.

4) A new textbook...and it isn't here yet. So we are going to use the old one for the first trimester, and then switch for the second and third trimesters.

I have survived the first two days..only 178 more to go.

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Mary said...

Not a good sign if you're counting down this early in the Good luck Gary, I don't know how you do it!!