Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some Religious Practices Are More Equal Than Others.......

The newest fad to hit the educational establishment is trancendental meditation. There are schools all across the country teaching our kids, and devoting class time, to transcendental medititation (TM).

Excuse me? TM is a religious practice. It is directly equivelent to the Western practice of silent prayer. Given that the Supreme Court has ruled that you cannot have a silent prayer or prayer in school, how is this kosher?

"Supporters believe the program, which requires participants to sit quietly in a deep rest for 20 minutes at the start and at the end of the school day, allows the brain to tap into a reservoir of energy and intelligence."

Has anyone done a study to see if 20 minutes of silent prayer would accomplish the same thing? I bet it would.

I tell you what, if my prinicpal ever instructs me to begin this practice, there will be a lawsuit challenging the practice.


Ed said...

I fail to see how it's a religious practice. Really aren't they learning how to sit down and shut up?

Gahrie said...

No. If they were just telling the kids to sit there, close your eyes and relax, that would be one thing. But what they are doing instead, is teaching the kids the specific practice of Trancendental Meditation, including the use of mantras. This is de facto and de jure a religious practice.